Simple Design Lessons From Michael Bargo

 All photos via  @michaelbargo

All photos via @michaelbargo

One of our favorite instagram feeds to stalk for inspiration is that of furniture dealer and interior designer, Michael Bargo.  Michael lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights where he is constantly transforming his decor and tweaking art and textiles—most of which can be purchased via his Chinatown gallery.  Here's a few design lessons we've learned from observing his ever-evolving home.  

Drape a chair with a chic throw

An easy way to switch up your look!

Mix Moroccan + Leopard + Stripes (+ cats)

Beni Ourain rugs, leopard prints and stripes are a timeless combination. Add some cats for fun. 

White floors + seagrass carpeting = chic

It's time to paint your wood floors white, or cover them in wall-to-wall seagrass carpeting. 

 White wood flooring

White wood flooring

 Seagrass carpeting (both options are chic). 

Seagrass carpeting (both options are chic). 

Noguchi lamps are cool 

Yes, we already knew that.  But it's nice when cats confirm it! Find a few here

Add a touch of ochre

The rich, yet understated color adds warmth to a neutral palette. 

Layer stripes

Stripes on stripes on stripes...

Mix mediums in a gallery wall

Line drawings, photographs, oil paintings and works of plaster make for an interesting art wall. 

Add an unexpected touch 

Bright blue candles, anyone? 

The final and most important lesson: cats like arm rests (a lot)

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