How to Arrange Fall Flowers


With Thanksgiving around the corner, we turned to our favorite local florist, Dani Vignos of University Flower Shop, for tips and tricks on arranging the perfect bouquet—even if it's made of foliage from your own backyard.


Dani's Tips for Arranging Autumn Flowers


1. Select a container, taking color and structure into consideration. If it's a large container with a wide opening, create a grid of tape across the opening or insert a chicken wire ball (yes, just a bundle of chicken wire or similar material works just fine!). This will provide additional structure to keep your arrangement from flopping.

2. Start with your greens. They are important and can make or break an arrangement.

3. Foraging is key to a unique piece. Cut branches,foliage, and any cool blooms you find outside. Make sure to test out their durability before popping them into your piece.

4. Don't fight with your flowers—let them dictate the way they fall and the direction they point. This will highlight what is unique about each individual stem.

5. Sometimes it's easier to really see what you are making when you relocate your piece to a blank wall or white backdrop.

6. Be adventurous. If you want a miscellaneous stem popping out in a crazy direction or a splash of a seemingly odd color mixed into your palette, go for it!


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