About The Maryn

Like a laid-back seaside holiday, our homes should be places where we can unwind, breathe, and get back to our roots. The Maryn, meaning of the sea, was founded by Michelle Adams to help you effortlessly create the timeless aesthetic of a home on the water. The inspiration? Her own favorite seaside spots: Sausalito, Montauk, the south of France, and the shores of Lake Michigan. 

From striped blankets and red, white, and blue pottery to crisp linens and snug, sturdy beds, Adams has hand-picked wares from her favorite makers worldwide. “I learned as a magazine editor that trends are fleeting,” she explains, “so I’ve curated pieces that are here to stay—the kind you will love today, and years down the road.”

Adams has also collaborated with some of her favorite artists and makers, such as Caitlin McGauley and Julie Terestman, to offer exclusive prints, ceramics, and textiles—the ideal pieces for adding a personal touch to your home. “I have a deep-rooted love for music and art,” she says. “At The Maryn, you’ll find everything from a Matisse-inspired mobile to moody, nautical oil paintings to some of my all-time favorite albums [coming soon].” 

Years of design editing and consulting, as well as creating her own home environments, has taught Adams that the addition of art, fragrance, and ambient music are key to creating a comfortable, serene, seaside-like environment, wherever you may live.


Michelle Adams, Founder of The Maryn

Adams is a marketing consultant, designer, and editor in the home and lifestyle category. In 2013, she was enlisted as the editor in chief of domino magazine, helping relaunch the brand with an integrated web and commerce presence. She was also previously tapped by the Meredith Corporation to create TRADhome magazine, and she cofounded Lonny, a trailblazer in the online-shelter-magazine category. Adams is also the founder of Rubie Green, an organic-textile company. She has been featured in Vanity Fair; O, The Oprah Magazine; and The New York Times. She was named one of min’s People to Watch in 2012 and is an advisory board member of Artfully Walls and Mercer School of Interior Design.